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Bringing artificial intelligence into user experience

Ever wondered if data science couldn't help your user experience work?

The Roistr semantic relevance engine is built to understand the meaning underlying words. It can associate words with the same meaning (like "car" and "automobile") with similar results to how a human would do it. It's a technical mimic of human understanding that can automatically categorise, group and associate.

We've harnessed this amazing power and put it to use to help you understand how to make information findable on your website. This makes your website easier to use for anyone who uses it.

This site is a working demonstration of the Roistr Semantic Relevance Engine so you can try with your own content to see if it works as well as a human does.

If you're a user experience professional, Roistr can save you weeks of work. No longer do you need to find participants, book them, pay them an incentive and analyse their results.

Roistr needs no people. It does the hard work for you and even provides you with analysis of deep learning so you can see why different items are grouped together.

If you want a demonstration with more cards or if you think Roistr could help you in any other way, contact us for more information.


  • Conduct card sorts in minutes not days or weeks
  • Get a full analysis of why things are grouped together
  • Fit complex IA work into an Agile sprint
  • Show your stakeholders how rapid UX research can be