The Semantic Relevance Engine

What is a semantic relevance engine?

How can you get a machine to judge how similar two documents are? Can it compare just words? Paragraphs? Entire documents or books? Can it do many thousands at once and query them for meaning?

Roistr does this for you. Using a blend of cutting-edge machine learning techniques, it calculates a representation of text which allows a machine to use it in a similar way to humans.

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What does it do?

  • Converts documents into a quantitative representation
  • Blends multiple methods
  • Allows documents to be compared for similarity
  • Uses ordinary text
  • Doesn't require tagging
  • Cross-platform or online API
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How does it help my business?

This depends on what you are doing. Roistr's can be used like this:

  • Match CVs & resumes with job descriptions
  • Organise a company's documents into a meaningful order
  • Match a person's social media life with product descriptions
  • Generate a semantic knowledge base from corporate documents
  • Utterly personalised advertising with no user input needed
  • Create a personalised search engine for your company
  • You tell us!
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